Time to Take America Back

 Pastor Ken Jones

Abortion, America's Holocaust

Pastor Ken Jones

While America finds herself embroiled in a global conflict against Islamic Fascism, she is also engulfed in another war; it is a culture war for the very heart and soul of this nation. Only this war cannot be won with smart bombs or hell-fire missiles. Victory in this battle hinges upon America returning to the Judeo-Christian values that our Founding Fathers used as the bedrock upon which they birthed this great Republic



God places value on Life....ALL challenge to you is: "Will "YOU" dare to be a Champion For the Unborn in this most critical hour?" If your answer is yes, then hopefully this series will arm you with information that will aid you in your attaining success in championing God's cause for Life. God is about Life, He's always been about Life, and with God all Life is viewed as precious to Him, including the unborn!




           The Holy Spirit

             Pastor Ken Jones

An overview of the Holy Spirit in history: His power and His purpose. From the Old Testament, through the New Testament to the present we are taken on a journey of enlightenment. This book is a roadmap to inviting the Holy Spirit to become part of your life. It is an indepth study of the Holy Spirit and the integral part it plays in your spiritual life. Pastor Kenneth Jones has given us an extensive study of the Trinity



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