Archived Sermons on CD

Defining Decisions
Desperate For a Move of God
Drinking From the Cup of Pain
Get Up, Get Out, Get Going
Going the Distance
How Will the News of God’s Son Affect You
Letting Loose the Dove
Life Can Only Keep You Down When You Quit Looking Up
Moving Beyond the Shadows of Our Fears
Never Give Up on Your Dream
Never Underestimate the Power of the Blood
No Freedom Without a Fight
Overcoming the Fear Factor
Positioning Ourselves
Praise at the Gate
Quit Living in the Cemetery
Remembering the Landmarks
Setup For a Miracle
Somebody’s Turned the Heat Up
Stay the Course
Stretch Out Your Hand
The Christmas Story, People God Can Use
The God of the Second Chance
What are You Pursing
What’s Your Choice
When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore
Where Are All the Armour Bearers
Where Are the Warriors
Where do you Go
You Can Not Win the Battle

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