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"The Winning Side"

While it is true that there is no single passage of Scripture that gives us all the details that define the fall of Satan (especially of ‘How’ and ‘When’ God will see to his eventual and certain demise) nevertheless, there are passages in God’s Word that assures all Believers that ‘In The End’ we shall be victorious… And Satan shall ‘Ultimately’ be defeated! One of the great passages of Scripture where God shares added insight on how sin entered the cosmos in the first place is found in Ezekiel 28. In that passage the prophet identifies our enemy in his prior position before sin entered the picture. He is called the ‘anointed cherub that covers’. He was on the ‘holy mountain of God’. Cherubim were what we would call ‘super angels’ and Scripture identifies some of these special angelic creatures as surrounding the very throne of God. We find in the word ‘covereth’( in Hebrew ‘cukkowth’ also known as ‘Sukkot’) gives us added insight as to part of Satan’s job description before his fall. For, it is the same as our English word for—‘booth’ (i.e.-- Tabernacles, as in Feast of Tabernacles)—implying that this cherub had involvement in some form of tabernacle structure (and since we know that the Tabernacle was for worship) thus we can know that he played a role in the worship of heaven. To add to that concept, in Isaiah 14:13 it says (of this same entity) “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation…” The Hebrew word for ‘congregation’ is ‘mowed’ a Hebrew word meaning: an appointment, a set time, or an assembly (such as the set feasts of Israel). Thus, long before the Israelites were celebrating their ‘holy convocations’ (as their feast days were called) God was having such festival gatherings in heaven with the angels. And this ‘anointed cherub’ appears to be the chief worship leader, (this would also explain why all those musical instruments were made into his being from his very creation). Here is this one angel, created as no other creature has been created; he has been given musical abilities that are second to none; he has authority that no other angel possesses; and yet, he is so enamored with his own splendor as God’s most beautiful created being until one day, ‘PRIDE’ enters into his heart. Sadly, what he fails to realize is that his beauty is not even his. He is a created being, fashioned by the handiwork of God. (John 1:1-3). His beauty wasn’t really his at all—it was merely a ‘Reflection of God’s Glory!’ As chief worship leader, he has great influence over the other angels for he instigates a coup against the Creator and 1/3 of the other angelic beings join him in the rebellion. Of course that revolt caused all involved to be cast out of the 3rd Heaven (The Abode of God). Satan boasted himself a winner, but his actions made him the biggest loser that ever lived! I know that most of you are probably wondering, why was it that God just didn’t go ahead and snuff out Satan at the moment that he rebelled. And yet, sometimes we fail to remember that Satan (just like all the other angels, as well as us) had the right of ‘Free Moral Agency’---God gave him the right to choose. Satan’s actions inadvertently fulfilled God’s agenda for salvation for eternity. Any number of created beings might have allowed pride and rebellion to infest their souls polluting the universe. Adam and Eve could have eventually sinned against God even with the serpent’s coaxing…this we do not know. Nevertheless, God allowed the wages of sin to play out… But God always had the cure prepared, no matter when the ‘Sickness of Sin’ chose to show up in His universe. (This is why Peter refers to Christ as being ‘…slain before the foundations of the world.’ [I Peter 1:18-20]) Thus, before God ever created our world, He had already made plans to send His Son, as a Lamb, to die on the cross for our sins! Satan lost the first round when he was cast out of heaven. He lost the round 2 when Christ arose from the grave on the 3rd day (and took the keys of death and hell from his hands). And he is doomed to lose the final round when God will ultimately destroy him in front of mankind and cast his eternal spirit into the Lake of Fire forever and ever! Thank God ‘WE’ are on ‘The Winning Side’!*** (Ezekiel 28:11-19)

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