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Tidbits of Truth

"Paradise Lost Paradise Restored"

Most of us are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. There, in the midst of the Eden were 2 ‘Very Specific’ fruit trees (although there couldn’t have been 2 trees with more varied and opposing functions). One was called the ‘Tree of Life’ and we learn that ‘This’ particular tree had the ability to cause those who ate of its fruit to literally live forever. Furthermore, (prior to their sinning) God had granted Adam and Eve unfettered access to this particular tree. But there is also another tree identified in the midst of the garden, it was called the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.’ However, unlike the other tree; the fruit of this tree was ‘Pure Poison’. God has attempted to warn Adam how utterly important it is for he (and Eve) to avoid the fruit of this tree at all costs. It was almost like this tree had ‘DANGER’ ‘WARNING’ ‘KEEP AWAY’ ‘HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH’ written all over it. Quite personally, (and I want you to understand that this is ‘My Opinion’) but I do not believe that it was God who planted this tree in the garden. For I just find it difficult to imagine that God the Father, would plant such a tree in His garden, especially since He knew how extremely toxic its’ fruit were. And if you think that I’m off my rocker, then you just listen to the words of God on the final day of Creation. (Genesis 1:31): “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very [exceedingly] good...” Well, this tree is definitely ‘NOT’ good! (So if you want to know who was really behind the planting of that tree, just find out who’s out there working the P.R. campaign in trying to market its’ fruit.) Suddenly, onto the pages of Scripture, Satan appears (not called Satan by name, for he’s using 1 of his many aliases) …he’s simply referred to as ‘the serpent’. He begins to converse with Eve; and his words so mesmerize and bedazzle her until ‘Wrong Begins to Appear as Right, and Right Begins to Look Like Wrong!’ How was this possible? It happened because the serpent convinced the Woman that what God had to say about something really wasn’t ‘All That Important!’ The serpent ‘Mixes Just Enough Truth’ with his lies until Eve is totally deceived; she eats of the forbidden fruit that God had so fervently warned them to avoid at all costs. Her husband shortly joins her in the sin; and soon sickness, suffering, and eventually death infects the entire human race. Nevertheless, God still had a plan. With ‘1’ Tree all mankind had become sinful; so (some 4,000 years later) God plants another tree; it was called the Old Rugged Cross. This tree was planted to take away man’s sin; but for it to be effective, it would first require a ‘Blood Sacrifice’ to be placed upon it. So God took His Son, and allowed Him to be nailed to that tree to take away our shame; and to restore (once more) our fellowship with Him. That first tree—the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ brought Death to all; but this ‘Tree’ (whose fruit must first be bruised and broken, bleed and die) was planted so that ‘ALL’ might live! Yes, God’s Son died on that cursed tree; but on the 3rd day He arose from the grave. Do you remember those final words that Jesus spoke to the thief who was crucified beside Him? “This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise!” Thus, ‘Paradise Lost’ Suddenly Became ‘Paradise Restored’!*** (John 10:10)

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