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Tidbits of Truth

"Amazing Grace"

Who in this world does ‘NOT’ believe that, “Evil Exists In Our World…And, That It Is All Around Us?” You see, ‘Evil’ is something that we understand by our very natures. God instilled in all of us ‘A Conscious Concept of Good’. But then, when Adam and Eve sinned, their actions not only affected them, but it also negatively affected all of us; for now, we not only recognize good, ‘But “WE ALL” Have Also Become Aware Of Evil!’ Just what is ‘Evil’? According to Webster, he defines it as: “morally reprehensible: sinful, wicked; an evil impulse: arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct, a person of evil reputation.” But let me take it a step further; for according to Scripture, “Evil is anything that is contrary to the character or the will of God and/or anything or anyone who stands in opposition to God.” Evil isn’t just those little devils and hobgoblins that cartoonists portray in the weekly funnies in our local newspapers; for evil has learned how to hide itself, even in broad daylight. Evil can be perpetrated by anybody. It’s not just committed by mass murderers like Adolph Hitler, or sociopaths like the Ted Bundys of this world. Evil can be perpetrated by people that are attractive, educated, or even by those who may occupy positions of respectability and honor. We all know that even people who are kind, loving, and generous, have to potential to do evil (and that includes ‘ALL’ of us). Why, there isn’t a one of us that, “If we so choose to” we can sear our consciences to the degree that, for us to commit evil, we could do so without it moving us or condemning us.” We can even go so far as to “Call Evil Good, And To Call Good Evil” if that’s what we choose to do. (Of course, none of this changes the fact that deep inside of our beings, we ‘STILL’ have a mindful knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, righteous and wicked…For we ‘ALL’ know evil!) No, God did not create man evil, man merely became that way when man chose to ‘SIN’. Now, sin has become a part of the very nature that each of us is born with. Nevertheless, God also sent ‘The Cure’ for this terminal malady called sin. It’s available to anyone willing to repent of our sins and to accept Christ as our Savior. And thank God for it! For ‘Because of God’s Cure’ although I’m not yet the man that I long to be, I thank God that I’m no longer the man that I used to be! Thank God, for a Savior that’s still in the business of transforming former sinners just like me…Thank God, for His ‘Amazing Grace!’*** (John 3:16)

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