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Tidbits of Truth

"Positioned For Purpose"

Here we are again, another New Year; another window of opportunity for each of God’s children to allow ‘God’s Glory’ to emanate through our beings; and all so that our Savior might receive the only ‘Personal Gift’ that any of us truly have that we might offer to Him: ‘OUR WORSHIP!’ It’s a difficult thing to do though, because as human beings there is a certain part of ‘ALL’ of us that longs for self-aggrandizement; that secretly yearns for a certain amount of self-glory; and oh how there is within our beings such an appetite to be praised and recognized by someone else. And yet, for us to become all that God needs for us to be, we must first learn how to ‘Decrease’ in order that ‘HE’ (Christ) might ‘Increase’. It is my sincere desire that in this coming year, that the body of Christ comes together in an unprecedented way in order that we might show this world that in Jesus Christ We ‘ARE’ United As One. God has placed all of us here (at this juncture in time) for ‘HIS’ purpose’…“He’s got a plan…” and ‘WE’ are ‘ALL’ a part of that plan. Regardless of our spiritual backgrounds there is but one prerequisite for any of us to get to heaven (“Except a man be born again, he can in no wise enter the kingdom of God.”) Therefore may each of us embrace this truth, “We are not competing against one another (we are ‘ALL’ on the same team); it is the devil and his evil cohorts that are our adversaries!” So in this coming year, may God help ‘ALL’ within the body of Christ to live with a greater love, a greater compassion, and a greater unity one towards another. Lastly (And I say this especially with myself in mind), it is my earnest prayer that God will help ‘ME’ to live my life in such a way that this world will see LESS of ‘ME’… And a whole lot MORE of ‘JESUS’…This is my ‘New Year’s Wish.*** Happy New Years To All!

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