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Where Are The Watchmen?

During this past year, America passed a milestone that is reflective of (what I consider) ‘The Darkest Chapter’ of our nation’s 241 year old history. For during this past year, America’s abortion count surpassed the 60 million mark. Sadly, this most horrid atrocity (which the leaders of this nation were so ready to accept) was actually based on an ‘Unconstitutional’ law that was forced upon this land by the ‘Judicial Tyranny’ of 7 (unelected) Supreme Court Judges who, in 1973 made their Roe V. Wade decision the ‘Law of the Land’ opening the floodgates for the shedding of innocent blood in literally every corner of this nation. In just 45 short years, America has now become guilty of exterminating more than 60 million ‘Totally Defenseless’ innocent little babies. That represents more lives being snuffed out in America’s abortion clinics than all the lives (that Imperialism, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism combined) brought to their demise during the entire duration of World War II---and that included friend and foe alike!” If ever there was a nation that is ‘Overripe For Judgment’ …If ever there was a nation who now ‘Hangs In The Balance’ awaiting for “GOD’S PATIENCE TO RUN OUT” America is ‘NOW’ that nation! And while all of this has been going on, ‘Where Has Been God’s Watchmen Who Were Supposed To Be Sounding The Alarm? …Where have been God’s pastors willing to boldly speak out against this ‘Great National Sin’? Sadly, most have been strangely silent. Yet, we delude ourselves if we truly think that God is simply going to ignore the shedding of such Innocent Blood in this magnitude and merely turn His head and look the other way! Furthermore, if we who profess to know Christ as our Savior do not speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves …If we fail to defend those who are unable to defend themselves, then ‘WHO WILL?’ Does not our continued silence in the matter make us also complicit of the crime? So God, Please forgive ‘ME’ for not doing ‘MORE’ to protect the unborn …And God please forgive America for the multiplicity of millions of precious and innocent little lives that we have so foolishly and so callously destroyed. We Repent Before You This Day …Lest Your Judgment Destroy This Land For the Innocent Blood That We Have (and continue to) Shed!*** (Matthew 18:5-6)

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