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Tidbits of Truth

"A Solemn Warning"

Throughout History God has always went out of His way to warn mankind about the ‘Consequences of Sin’ and about the judgments that such sins will eventually unleash upon a nation. He did it before the Flood ever befell the world. But man has always had an appetite for sin. Just fast forward the clock 400 years after the Flood; we find that mankind is back to his ‘Old Sinning Ways’. This time the scene picks up in a place called Sodom and Gomorrah. Years before, ‘Lot’ (Abraham’s nephew) saw the prosperity of the place so he and his family choose to move there. The only problem was, it was a very wicked place and ‘Instead of Lot’s Family Influencing The Sinners, The Sinners Influenced Lot’s Family’. Sin was so unchecked there until it stirred the ire of God. So God dispatches 2 angels to deliver to these wicked people ‘His Solemn Warning’. Sadly; it was a warning that was openly mocked by the populace there. So intrinsically evil had the people become until the very next day, God vaporized Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the other 5 cities of the plain—only Lot and his 2 daughters escape with their lives. Ironically, in Scripture there are 27 references outside of Genesis where Sodom is mentioned. In every case ‘Sodom’ becomes the emblem of gross immorality, deepest depravity, and ultimate judgment. That brings me to the here and now. Just a little over a week ago 44 U.S. Democratic Senators (politicians with no scruples whatsoever) callously cast their votes to make certain that in the event that an abortion was botched and the baby was born alive—‘No Care Was To Be Given To That Baby Whatsoever’—meaning the infant must be abandoned and left to die! Scripture clearly identifies that one of the greatest sins that God abhors is the ‘Shedding of Innocent Blood’. And quite honestly, There Is No Blood More Innocent Than That Of A New Born Baby! I can tell you firsthand that God is neither Democrat or Republican---but you can rest assured that God is most definitely ‘100% Pro Life; and that includes His love for ‘ALL’ Life!’ Do these merciless politicians really think that they can stoop to the willful extermination of innocent lives without also causing the wrath of God to be unleashed upon this nation? And just where will it end? If one can rationalize killing innocent babies ‘AFTER’ they are born, then what about unwanted adolescents, or teenagers, or the elderly, are we going to pass laws so we can justify murdering them to? What gives anyone the right to play God with other human lives? And just what kind of a ‘SOLEMN WARNING’ must God send to America in order to wake this nation up? Rest assured, God has never allowed sin to go unpunished in the past; and He’s not about to allow sin to go unpunished in the present either. May ‘ALL’ Americans learn to love life, for ‘ALL’ human life is precious. And may we, as a nation, repent of our sins; as well as repent for the sin of electing leaders who are more concerned about their hold on power than on caring for the human lives who they were elected to represent!*** (Genesis 18:16-22)

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