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Tidbits of Truth

"The Return Of The King"

It was not God’s plan that man should sin; but that did not keep Adam, (nor, for that matter, any of the rest of us either) from sinning. Nevertheless, before God had ever created the ‘First Adam’ God had already made provision for our redemption. John reminds us of this (Revelation 13:8): “…the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” What an awesome concept to ponder upon. Before our universe was formed or fashioned and before time (as we know it) ever existed; Christ, knowing that we would rebel against our Creator and sin, had already prepared a pre-determined a plan (with Him paying the cost of our sins with His own life) to restore us to Him through His free gift of salvation. And yet, we also know that there is no one whom Satan hates more than he does you and I. And just why is that? It is because it has always been God’s ultimate goal to create a life form (that would be us) who would freely and willingly worship Him (because we love Him and because we desire to have fellowship with ‘Him’). On the other hand, Satan’s ultimate goal has always been about attempting to thwart God’s plan. According to Scripture, for almost 6,000 years, that’s exactly what Satan has done; and he’s came against God’s plans from every direction that one could possibly think of. Nevertheless, I am excited to be able to report to you today that Satan’s ‘Tenure of Terror’ is almost over; his ‘Reign of Wrath’ is about to come to a screeching halt. For I have it from a very reliable source (God’s Holy Word) that the devil (and all who pledge their allegiance to him) they are ‘ALL’ going down! And it’s all going to occur because of an ‘Unprecedented Event’ that is soon to transpire: one that ‘WE’ are about to witness and to participate in. And that is: “THE RETURN OF THE KING!” Satan still doesn’t get it. He’s going to fight on to the very end. He’s a sore loser and he doesn’t have the good sense to know that he’s already been defeated. He has truly deluded himself into believing that he and his allies can win (when he raises up his false messiah to reign over this world—i.e. the antichrist) …BUT HE’S SO-O-O-O-O…WRONG! To Satan, we are just ‘pawns on the chessboard’ readily expendable and of no real value (except when he can use us in his efforts to disrupt the plans of God). And yet, to Jesus, we are exactly the opposite. We are His ‘Pearls of Great Price’—we are what His plans are all about—And He has proved that ‘There Is No Limit To What He Is Willing To Sacrifice To Save Us’ (including His very Life). Yes, Satan is still, the ‘prince of the power of the air’ the ‘god of this age’ and the ‘ruler of the darkness of this world’—but I assure you that’s ‘ALL’ about to change. In the meantime, saints of God don’t let Life discourage you. You just keep your eyes fixed on that eastern sky, for soon and very soon, ‘WE’ Are Going To See The King! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!*** (I Thessalonians 4:16-18)

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