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Tidbits of Truth

"There ‘ALL’ The Time"

Shortly after His Resurrection, we find Jesus on the road to Emmaus when suddenly, He joins Himself with 2 other travelers. Only these 2 were not simply casual spectators of all the past events of the last 3 days; but they men who well knew the Lord. They had been followers of His, men who would have counted themselves as personal friends. As the 3 converse together, it becomes evident that these 2 are very ‘Disillusioned Disciples’ individuals who have been overwhelmed by the horrors that had so recently befallen their dear friend Jesus. As they travel this 7 mile journey Christ enlightens them with Scripture after Scripture that affirms that all the events that had so recently transpired were directly connected to Him. Of course, they really don’t get it. “For, although they walked with Christ in their very presence, still their eyes were not open for them to see Him for who He truly is.” They could not see how that the suffering of their Leader and Friend (Jesus) could ever translate into their ‘Eternal Joy’. Finally, they arrive at their intended destination. The day is far spent; and still, they haven’t recognized who ‘Jesus Truly Is’. However, they know that they have enjoyed their time with this ‘Wayfaring Traveler’ so they beg Him to join them at their lodging for a meal. Christ does only, although He is the Guest of Honor, it is ‘HE’ who now ‘Acts As Host’; for it is ‘HE’ who takes the bread, blesses the bread, and who breaks the bread. Suddenly, like a light coming on inside their heads; and they begin to recognize that it has been Jesus in their presence all along; and as quickly as He had appeared, He vanishes. But what was it that suddenly opened their eyes? Perhaps they had been there when Christ fed the 5,000. But what (I believe) is much more likely is this: “It had to have been ‘His Hands.’” When He lifted His hands to break the bread, surely they noted the freshly healed scars that would have been left by the spikes that had been driven through His flesh just 3 days before. Dear Jesus, please forgive all of us for the ‘Many Times’ in our own ‘Darkest Hours’ that, we too, have been in ‘YOUR’ very presence; only the pain of our struggles also blinded us to even be aware that it was ‘YOU’ who had been there (With Us) all the time!*** (LUKE 24:13-31).

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