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Tidbits of Truth

Christ Was Human Too

Sometimes we fail to remember that Christ was as every bit human as every one of us is. He felt pain, He experienced sorrow, and He could be wounded emotionally exactly like we can. While much can be said (and should be) of the sufferings of Christ at the whipping post (and later on the cross) nevertheless let us ‘NOT’ forget that for Him to ever to be able to overcome all those innumerable atrocities that were inflicted on Him, Christ ‘FIRST’ had to win the conflict that was to be fought on the ‘Battlefield of the Mind’. Only this confrontation was fought in a Garden called ‘Gethsemane’ (at the foot of the Mount of Olives) on the outskirts of Jerusalem before He ever got to the cross. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this epic struggle took place in, of all places, ‘That Of A Garden’. After all, was not that also the ‘Very First Location’ that the classic struggle of Satan tempting man to sin first happened? The garden, also called Gethsemane… the Greek word for ‘oil vat’. In the Aramaic language ‘Gethsemane’ is actually ‘Gat Semanin’--‘the oil press’ (better known as ‘The Crushing Place’). It was here, that Jesus truly overcame the cross. The writer of Hebrews describes the extreme conflict that was being waged as Christ earnestly prayed to the Father that night. We learn of it in Hebrews 5:7-8 “…When he had offered up prayers and supplications with ‘STRONG CRYING AND TEARS’ unto him [God] that was able to save him [Christ] from death, and was heard ‘IN THAT HE FEARED’; Though he were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered…” It was here, during this prayer that Jesus agonized with His Heavenly Father… It was here, at this occasion that our Savior wrestled with the human nature of His own flesh… And it was here, at this juncture in time that He prayed until, quite literally, His blood corpuscles ruptured under the sheer stress placed upon His Being. Only Peter, James, and John are nearby, and yet, it seems that all 3 are oblivious to what is about to transpire with the Lord. 3 times He comes to His 3 most trusted and faithful friends. And 3 times they have been found ‘Sleeping On The Job’ derelict of the duties of their calling. Here was Christ the Son of the Living God and yet, we see that He too, had to deal with His own struggles of hopelessness, discouragement, and utter defeat. But in the end, Christ overcomes! He overcomes His fears, He overcomes His doubts, and He overcomes all the deep-seated struggles going on within His soul. Our Christ is a Victor. He had won ‘Round 1’ in the Wilderness Temptations. He wins ‘Round 2’ in this Garden called Gethsemane. And very, very soon, He shall win ‘Round 3’ on an old rugged cross! And because He was victorious, we don’t have to fear Satan nor any of the evil cohorts who are in allegiance with him; for the devil is just a ‘3 Time Loser’ whom Christ has already defeated. So saint of God, take heart, because for each of us, this means that thru Christ, we who believe on Him as ‘Our Savior’ that we are already winners too--and that for all eternity!*** (John 3:16)

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