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Tidbits of Truth

"Knowing That Which We Possess"

God realizes that when we choose to live for Him, it instantly makes us a target of the enemy. It’s not that Satan did not already hate us; he hates all mankind. However, he especially loathes those who accept Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. You may be thinking, “If he hates mankind so much, then why don’t he just go ahead and kill us all?” And the answer is, “He would if he could, but he cannot …for God is still upon the throne!” (The same God who overrules in the affairs of men—also overrules in the affairs of devils too!) God knew that for mankind to be restored to Him that it would take a ‘SINLESS MAN’ willing to die as a Sacrifice, and Christ was the ‘One And Only Candidate’ capable of fitting that bill. Thank God, that His Son willingly came and lived a sinless life. And although He also died a horrid death, He did so with the knowledge that on the 3rd day that He would arise from the grave with the keys of Hell and of Death in His possession---giving Him the power to ‘Set All Men (willing to accept Him as their Savior) Free’ and with the promise of everlasting life! In Matthew 4 we read how that Christ overcame the temptations of Satan—He always thwarted Satan’s temptations by 'Quoting Him The Word!' And the truly great thing about this story is the fact that in it, Jesus set for us, ‘An Example’ so that, we too, would also be capable of living ‘VICTORIOUS’ Christian lives. Paul identifies God’s Word as the ‘Sword of the Spirit’ meaning that it is both an ‘Offensive’ as well as a ‘Defensive’ weapon. It is the one piece of weaponry at our disposal that Satan absolutely fears the most, for it is the one that he is powerless to overcome. However, for it to be effective for us, we must: (1.) ‘Be Willing to Familiarize Ourselves To It; (2.) ‘Possess Knowledge And Understanding of What It is Capable of Doing;’ and, perhaps most importantly, (3.) ‘We must Become Skilled Warriors On Learning How To Wield It Effectively!’ Small wonder the devil puts such enormous efforts in attempting to keep God Children blinded in perceiving the heights, the depths, and the understanding of the great mysteries that are revealed to us in the pages of God’s Wonderful Word. If only we could realize the powerful potential God has made available to all: to be able to utilize God’s Word in such a way as to positively impact our world. While at the same time, ‘His Word’ also gives us the ability to quite literally, ‘Become The Devil’s Worst Nightmare!’ Isn’t it past time for God’s children to decide to take this battle on the offensive? After all, God’s Word already assures us that, “The Gates of Hell ‘SHALL NOT’ Prevail Against Us” meaning that it’s a surefire guarantee, ‘IN THE END, WE WIN!’*** (Matthew 4:1-11)

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