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Tidbits of Truth

"A Day Of Reckoning"

If there is one thing that God absolutely abhors, it is the shedding of innocent blood. In Genesis 4 we have the story of how Cain slew his brother Abel. When God showed up, He began to converse with Cain, asking him “…Where is Abel thy brother?” And Cain replied, “I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?” After which God also asked him, “What have you done? (for) the voice of your brother's (innocent) blood cries out to me from the ground.” And then, in Genesis 9:6, God lays the gauntlet down as to what He will require of 'ALL' who shed innocent blood: “’Whoso sheds a man’s blood, by man shall his (the guilty person) blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.” This fact is true for a person, and ‘It Is True For A Nation!’ In the 1930s and 40s, the Nazi regime committed state-sponsored genocide of so-called “inferior races.” Of the approximately 9 million Jews who lived in Europe at the beginning of the 1930s, some 6 million of them were exterminated. The Jews were starved, gassed, and experimented on like animals. In addition to those numbers, the Nazi regime also slaughtered another 5 million Poles, Soviets, Gypsies, and people with disabilities These deaths were justified because the political leadership of Germany passed laws making it ‘LEGAL’ to do so. Now, just look at what laws America has passed on their ‘LEGAL TO DO’ list. They have ‘LEGALLY’ pronounced, their own version of ‘State Sponsored Genocide’ and in so doing our nation has become guilty of now murdering more than ‘5 TIMES’ as many babies as all the people who died in the Nazi Concentration Camps during the duration of World War II! Proponents of abortions say, “But what about those women who have been raped or are victims of incest? Surely they have a right to an abortion.” So let me get this straight. They believe that, “We should murder a baby because a rape has been committed?” How crazy is that? And, ‘Just for the record’ many victims of rape referred to the abortion they went through afterwards as ‘Medical Rape.’ And here is why. “Abortion involves an often painful intrusion into a woman’s sexual organs by a masked stranger who is invading her body.” Let it also be noted that less than ½ of 1 % of all women who have abortions do so for the causes of rape or incest. The overwhelming majority of abortions are primarily performed because ‘Having And Raising Children Is Inconvenient.’ Thus, abortion is really about ‘convenience’- “A Child Being Sacrificed to the gods of Choice, and Self-indulgence. America had better soon wake up; for abortion is also driving our nation to the brink of something else. It is something called ‘A Day of Reckoning!’ For if the blood of ‘ONE’ innocent man could be heard by God; just how loud do you think the cries of 60 million innocent unborn babies must sound to God’s ears? And ‘Who In Their Right Mind’ actually believes that a ‘Just God’ will continue to allow so much innocent blood to continue to be spilled (2,500 infants a day) without Him ‘Divinely Intervening’ to stem the carnage? America Be Warned!*** (Galatians 6:7)


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