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Tidbits of Truth

"When Life Doesn’t Make Sense"

Ever had those times when, “You’ve tried as hard as you might; but for the very life of you, you just couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on in your world?” I think most of us have been there; and some of us more often than what we care to remember. So to help us in our own struggles, God had written for us the Book of Job. Job was a wealthy man, but most importantly, he was a righteous man, one with an abiding love for his 10 children. God was deeply impressed by Job’s wholehearted devotion to Him. One day, Satan (who is required to report in on his activities) shows up before God. When Job’s name comes up, it is ‘GOD’ that brings Job into the conversation. Of course Satan knew of Job; he also knew that ‘God Had A Hedge of Protection’ about him, about his family, and about all that he owned! Nevertheless, God is confident in Job’s love for Him, so much so, until God agrees to remove the hedge, and He gives Satan permission to literally destroy Job’s world. In a single day, Job learns that his oxen, donkeys, camels, sheep, multitudes of servants, and his 10 children—all are wiped out in less than a 24 hour period. And while all this was going on, Job was completely unaware as to why. (And you thought that you were having a bad day?) Suddenly to Job, ‘His Life Just Doesn’t Make Sense’ anymore! Satan did all this with the expectation that Job would curse God—instead, Job fell on His face and worshiped God! Satan goes back to God a second time. This time, Satan tells God that, “I can push Job over the edge, if you just let me touch his flesh.” God gives him the go ahead —‘But With Limitations’ for Satan ‘CANNOT’ kill Job in the process. (Aren’t you glad that God always puts limitations on just how far Satan can go with us too?) Job has already lost everything, now he is covered with boils. From head to toe Job’s body is covered with awful festering sores. They have so disfigured his face until his closest friends are unable to recognize him. He suffers major depression, and when he can ever slip off into sleep his mind is tormented with perpetual nightmares. He struggles with every breath he breathes; and there is a foul and putrid smell that continually emits from sores inside his lungs, throat, and his mouth. He’s literally wasting away; his rotting skin is blackened and inflamed from the disease assailing it. He’s engulfed in unrelenting, constant, and immeasurable pain. And all this suffering lasts for months! And yet, with all the inconceivable suffering that this man finds himself going through, with no Written Word for him to seek solace from; with no friend or family member to comfort him; no medical professional capable of doing anything to ease his pain; and with no explanation from God as to why or what was happening; still Job refuses to speak evil against God! Don’t miss the point here. God will not allow Satan to torment Job forever. When most men would have turned away from God completely, Job drew closer to God through his suffering. When Satan set his sights on ‘Destroying The Man’ God refused to allow evil to ever go that far. And as for Job, the day finally arrived when God ‘Restored The Hedge’ around Job and all that he possessed. God also made the devil pay Job ‘Double For His Trouble.’ And then, let us not forget that God extended Job’s life for another 140 joyous years! So if you are at that place in your life where ‘Life Doesn’t Make Sense To You’ just hold on a little while longer; God’s got His confidence in you, that you will pass this test. Only we just can’t imagine what Blessings that God has prepared ‘Just For Us’ because of our faithfulness!*** “For it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him!” (I Corinthians 2:9)

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