• Pastor Ken Jones

Tidbit of Truth

"It’s All About Eternity"

One of the greatest travesties amongst the Body of Christ (and one which greatly diminishes our effectiveness in reaching this present generation for Jesus) is the fact that we are far too easily distracted from fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’ that of ‘Reaching The Lost With The Blessed Hope of the Gospel!’ Presently, because there are so many diverse (and often opposing) views concerning literally every aspect of doctrine that exists in Christendom today (and especially because of growing spiritual dissension amongst the body of Christ), Satan has almost succeeded in neutralizing the Church. Unlike the wicked of our world, God’s children just can’t seem to become a ‘Unified Body’ concerning anything. Far too often, Believers has become ‘SO CONSUMED’ with warring amongst ourselves until we have become like the Midianites of Gideon’s day---individuals who so busy ‘Using Their Swords On Each Other’ until they ended up annihilating themselves. As a preacher of the Gospel, and one with almost 35 years of pastoral experience under my belt, one of the greatest tragedies of ministry (and one that weighs heavy upon my heart continually); are all the times that I’ve been required to ‘Contend with Christians’ over non-relevant spiritual matters. Oh, how it grieves my spirit for the many times in my life when I should have been directing my efforts towards keeping precious souls from dying lost slipping into eternity without God—but instead, I found myself forced to parley with combative Christians. If Only We Could Ever Get Over Ourselves! If only we could become mature enough to realize that when all is said and done, the most critical matter that any of us will ever address is: “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as ‘YOUR’ Lord and Savior?” We will ‘ALL’ spend eternity somewhere. However, as Believers, our ‘CHIEF’ responsibility is to share with a lost and dying world the fact that there is ‘ONLY ONE WAY TO GET TO HEAVEN …AND HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST!’ “Except A Man Be Born Again, He Can In No Wise Enter The Kingdom Of God!” (John 3:3)***


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