“Greater love hath no man than this,

that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13)

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Matthew 28:19–“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. If you have been blessed by Pastor Ken Jones and Highest Praise Ministry and want to share in our vision to touch the nations, one life at a time, with the gospel of grace, we invite you to partner with us. Your giving will help us broadcast the life-changing gospel of grace through our radio ministry and our other missions to include: Wilson Pregnancy Center; Gideon’s Bibles; Orphanage in NC as well as
Israel; Missionaries abroad and Exodus II which helps return Jews to Israel.


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Pastor Ken Jones'         Weekly Blog

                                Tidbits of Truth:


                                               "Miracles Can Be Messy" 


In II Kings 4 is an interesting story. Elisha, God’s prophet, is treated with great kindness by a certain Shunamite woman living in the area that he frequents (as he goes about doing his ministerial duties). Because of the kindness she has shown towards him, he assures this ‘barren woman’ that, about this time next year, God is going to bless her with a son. God does, and everything is great. That is until one day; the little boy appears to have a heat stroke and suddenly dies. The distraught mother hastily goes and finds the prophet of God and insists that he come and ‘FIX’ the problem. Elisha goes, he finds the boy, and he is ‘Very Much’ dead. The prophet prays earnestly, even laying upon the lifeless corpse; but all to no avail. He steps out and prays some more. Finally God’s servant returns and lays himself directly upon the child's deceased body (in the shape of a cross) once more. For Scripture clearly states he laid upon him: “Mouth to mouth, eye to eye, hand to hand. Suddenly, God breathes life back into a body that had already begun to putrefy; and, as life returns into the child, suddenly the boy “Sneezes 7 Times.” …But why? Well, what is a sneeze? Webster's defines it as "a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth especially as a reflex act."—Meaning that most sneezes occur as a reaction to an irritant of some sort; causing the respiratory system to convulse (at up to 100-mph) as that blast of air attempts to dislodge and expel the offending particle. Only God knew “What Had To Be Expelled” for life to return to that boy. But in the process of the boy’s expulsion (Lest We Forget) there was the prophet of God, “…hand to hand, eye to eye, mouth to mouth…” (…Is anybody starting to get the big picture here?) You see, ‘SOMETIMES’ when God gets ready to give us what we really need, before the miracle actually arrives, we must be prepared for “A Little Bit Of Messy Business!” Nevertheless, when Elisha sent his servant to call that boy’s mama to come and get her son, I really don’t think that, “The Messy Part of This Miracle” bothered her in the slightest! In conclusion, it is my fervent prayer that God help ‘ALL’ of us to remember that regardless of those distractions that Life sometimes sends our way, “Lord Help Us ‘NOT’ to Let a ‘Little Mess’ Keep Us From ‘OUR’ Miracle!” (II Kings 4:18-37)

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