“Greater love hath no man than this,

that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13)

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Pastor Ken Jones'         Weekly Blog

                                    Tidbits of Truth:


    "Even In The Bad Times, God Is Up To Something"

I’m sure that most of us look at life through rose colored glasses. There are so many things that, as human beings, we just can’t figure out. We realize that all the bad things that happen in our world are either directly or indirectly caused by sin, but oh how we struggle trying to understand Life itself.

Maybe Life... doesn’t affect you like this, but I will be the first to admit that I continuously find my mind filled with questions that I would just love to ask God so that I could have a little clearer understanding. Questions like, “Why do so many godly people that I know seem to go through so many hardships and struggles?” Or “Why do bad things happen to the good people?” Or how about this, “Why is it that it seems like it’s always the good that die young?”

And while it is true that God does not often speak audibly to us, I am so grateful that He has, at least given us a copy of His Word (as well as the guidance of His Holy Spirit) in order that we can find some peace and answers to some of these questions of Life that so often rattle our struggling minds.

In the Book of Acts God gives us some much needed insight on understanding some of these very questions. At around 3 in the afternoon, Peter and John had just went up to the temple for prayer time, as was their usual custom. And, as was also his custom, there was a crippled beggar who was carried daily and laid just outside the gate of the temple, hoping that perhaps some of those going to pray to God would have compassion on him and share a little of their financial abundance.

This man found himself in the pathetic plight that he was now in because of “CIRCUMSTANCES ABSOLUTELY BEYOND HIS CONTROL.” For from his birth he had been in this sad condition. I’m sure that all of us (at least at one time or another) have found ourselves in some great big messes, but most were messes of our own doings (poor choices, failure to heed sound advice, sometimes failure to seek God’s guidance for decisions that we made, etc.)…and then our lives ended up in utter chaos, but all of us knew why we were there.

But there are also other times that Life has this way of sending “JUNK” in our direction that none of us ever expected, anticipated, or planned for. And when bad things come our way and we don’t have a clue as to the “HOW COME OR WHY” there is a part of us that just wants to cry out to God and say, “GOD WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU TO FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME?”

We are never even told so much as this man’s name, but this we do know. He was so crippled that he believed that the only thing that he was capable of doing was begging. So he resorted to the only occupation that he perceived himself capable of -he became a beggar! “OFTENTIMES, IT IS THE LIMITED PERCEPTION OF OUR OWN SELVES THAT KEEPS US FROM EVER BECOMING THE MAN OR THE WOMAN THAT GOD ALWAYS INTENDED US TO BECOME!”

What this beggar did not know was that even though others may have told him that, his life had been nothing more than just one great big tragic mistake, HE JUST NEEDED TO HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER BECAUSE “EVEN IN HIS BAD TIMES OF HIS LIFE, GOD WAS UP TO SOMETHING!”

One more thing while I’m here. At least there was someone in this cripple man’s life who refused “to just let him lie down and die.” Somebody understood that, even as a cripple, “he could do something.” For daily “THEY” carried him to the gate Beautiful to ask alms of those going into the temple. The lame man was a cripple. And as such, he was considered unclean to be able to go into the temple. But his friends daily carried him down and got him as close to God as they could. THEY NEVER GAVE UP ON GOD…AND THEY NEVER STOPPED GOING THE EXTRA MILE IN TAKING THE TIME AND PUTTING FORTH THE EFFORT TO BRING THEIR BEGGAR FRIEND AS CLOSE TO GOD AS THEY COULD GET HIM ON THEIR OWN!

Peter and John made their customary journey to prayer time at the temple just like they had always done. The friends had brought their crippled friend and laid him at the temple gate just as they’d always done before. But on “this” day something was different “FORTHE DAY HAD FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS IN ALL THESE MEN’S LIVES WHEN IT WAS A ‘NOW TIME WITH GOD’!” On this day, instead of giving the beggar money, Peter reaches down takes the beggar by the hand and lifts him up, and IMMEDIATELY HE IS HEALED! And yet…

On that very day, the greatness of the miracle lay not in the healing of the lame beggar, but the greatness of the miracle performed was that this healing drew such a crowd together so that when Peter had finished preaching to them Jesus Christ about 5,000 men had come to accept Him as Savior.

What if this lame man had been born perfectly healthy, without deform or defect? What if some doctor had perfected a treatment that would have restored him in his youth? What if his friends never had the motivation to take him to the temple daily, even when I’m sure that there were times that it greatly inconvenienced their lives? And yet, after all the years of his struggles, one day, God not only healed the man, but God specifically used his struggles to bring multiplicities of thousands to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Often times what we might have called hardships and struggles, catastrophes and disasters, and especially when they happened in our own lives… They were none of the above. Instead, they were simply the actions and events that God allowed to unfold in our lives because He knew that they would one day set the stage for Him to be able to reach a multitude of souls that might very well have been otherwise unreachable!

So if life seems really tough on you right now, don’t you get discouraged and don’t you get depressed. You just keep trusting, you just keep believing, and you just keep expecting… FOR GOD’S GOT BETTER THINGS JUST AHEAD FOR YOU BECAUSE EVEN IN THE BAD TIMES, GOD IS ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING!”


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