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We hope you will join us in this journey as we strive to further God's Kingdom.

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We Invite You to Become a“Praise Partner”

We at Highest Praise Ministry believe your tithes belong to your local church. 
We also believe in
Matthew 28:19–“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. If you have been
blessed by Pastor Ken Jones and Highest Praise Ministry and want to share in our vision to touch the nations, one life at a time, with the gospel of grace, we invite you to partner with us. Your giving will help us broadcast the life-changing gospel of grace through our radio ministry;
television program on
whightv and our other missions to include: 
Wilson Pregnancy Center; Gideon’s Bibles; Orphanage in NC as well as
Israel; Missionaries abroad and Exodus II which helps return Jews to Israel.
If you feel led by God to invest in this ministry you may donate at this website or mail your donation of any amount to:
Highest Praise Ministry
P.O. Box 524
Louisburg, NC  27549
Also, if you have a prayer request we would love to partner with you in prayer.  You may enter your prayer request online or mail to the same address as well.  We as a church will corporately join you in prayer.

Would you like Pastor Jones to come and speak at a revival, special event, or worship service in your area? If so, please contact him via this website or call at 919-496-7278 and leave a message with return number and name of contact person.

    Tidbits of Truth: Reversing The Curse
    Why is it that so many of God’s children live so far below where God so wants us to live? Why is it that so many of God’s children, instead of living the “Blessed Life” they seemingly are living “as if they are cursed instead?”
    We know what the Word teaches. It was the psalmist who reminds us of “just how great God is” and of “just what God longs to do for His children”…NO GOOD THING WILL HE (God) WITHHOLD FROM THEM THAT WALK ...UPRIGHTLY.” (Psalms 84:11) And we are also reminded of how God desires for us, His children, to live...“Healthy and Prospering.” “BELOVED, I WISH ABOVE ALL THINGS THAT THOU MAYEST PROSPER AND BE IN HEALTH, EVEN AS THY SOUL PROSPERETH.” (III John 2)
    And since we know that God’s Word is true, then why it is that so many of the God’s children aren’t living anywhere close to where these passages say that we are supposed to be living? Could it be that it’s because we have not fulfilled the initial requirements of these passages first? You know, of “Walking Uprightly” and then making sure that, first and foremost that “Our Souls Experience Spiritual Prosperity?”
    If this is you, then why not let today be your day of "Divine Reversal?" Why not let God move you from who you are right now to becoming who it is that God has destined for you to become? Why not let God “REVERSE THE CURSE” in your life, in your marriage, in your home?
    God did it for Joseph. He went through some hard times but, in due time, God took him from the “pit” to the “palace” from being a “prisoner” to becoming a “prince” (and the latter literally overnight)! And what about David? Just an insignificant shepherd boy, but God took him (in a single day) from “unknown shepherd boy” to “National Hero, David the Giant Killer!”
    I know that I’m not talking to “everybody” but I also know that I’m talking to “somebody.” Someone who is receiving this as a “NOW” word from God for your life. And if that’s “YOU” then please understand this: “Your miracle is already in process…it is in transit…even at this very moment!”
    There is some of God’s Glory that is just around the corner for you; and the Lord’s going to cause it to come out of all those trials that you’ve been enduring! The evil that Satan sent to destroy you, God is about to turn it around and use it to bless you instead! So you go ahead and prepare yourself to receive God’s abundant blessings…because God is getting ready to “REVERSE THE CURSE” in your life!
    Just a Thought,
    Pastor Ken Jones

 Mrs. JoAnn and Pastor Ken Jones

Who We Are....We are committed to equipping our church and our community with the tools needed to take back America for Jesus!

We are a Spirit filled body with contemporary worship services, intense and relevant teachings and a culturally diverse membership.

Our purpose is to nurture, challenge, and encourage all believers to learn how to live holy, confident, and joy-filled Christian lives. We train and equip God's children through the teaching and preaching of the Gospel, to empower them through an intimate encounter with God's Holy Spirit. We inspire them by creating an atmosphere conducive to praise and worship, and motivate in their spirits a consuming passion for the Harvest. 

We believe that every soul in this world has worth and value, and as such they are profitable to God's Kingdom building business. We want to instill in God's children a desire to boldly stand against the things that God's Word calls sin and evil,while at the same time creating in them an appetite to say and do those things that God calls righteous, pure and holy. 

We challenge all believers to live in the utmost confidence that all God's promises are true, and that "through God" all things are possible to those who truly believe and live their lives in accordance to God's Word.



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