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 Silent No More
This past week marks one of the darkest chapters in America’s recent history, the 1973 landmark Roe V. Wade decision by the United States Supreme Court which in effect legalized abortion in America. 7 black robed, unelected officials, with the single stroke of a pen; were able to strike down more than 180 years of legal precedent in this country.
With callous disregard to America’s founding principles, or to the sanctity of human life— these 7, effectively desecrated one of the very bedrocks upon which this nation was birthed upon: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Source: “The Declaration of Independence”)
I know when it comes to the subject of abortion, most Americans would like to sweep it under the rug, to ignore it altogether, to keep on hoping that it will just go away, but the fact of the matter is this: ***Since the passage of Roe V. Wade 41 years ago—more than 54, 500,000 babies have been butchered right here in the killing fields of America.***
Do you realize that America’s holocaust upon the unborn has already succeeded in slaying almost 4 times as many of our own children as all the people that the Nazis butchered in the concentration camps during all of World War II? And still the death toll climbs by 3,300+ with the passing of every single day…I’m sorry if you find this offensive, but I for one, WILL BE SILENT NO MORE!
After Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, they had 2 boys. One of them became very jealous of the other, and because of his jealous rage, Cain slew Able. When God came down, He asked Cain, “Where is your brother?” Cain denied knowing, but God (who knew what Cain had done to his brother) told him, “His innocent blood cries out to Me.”
If God could hear the innocent blood of one man crying out to Him after Cain slew Able, is there any Believer in America who actually believes that God is going to continue to ignore the cries of the innocent blood of more than 54 million babies without requiring justice for our crimes? I THINK NOT!
If there is one thing that pro-abortionists and Right-to-Lifers both agree upon it is the fact that whenever an abortion takes place, “IT ALWAYS KILLS SOMETHING.” Therefore the question that must be answered is “WHAT?” The rightness or the wrongness of abortion depends on that one ultimate question, “What is the unborn?” This one question trumps all other considerations.
The Law of Bio-genesis states that each living thing produces after its own kind. Therefore, it is impossible for 2 human beings to beget anything other than another human being. It is not potential life that lives inside a woman’s womb, “IT EITHER IS LIFE, OR IT IS NOT LIFE!” Therefore the unborn is not a potential human being. Rather, it is a human being with great potential.
I know you’ve probably heard all the arguments, but let’s look at the most prominent ones for just a moment.
“Abortion is a woman’s right—after all it’s her body and she has a right to choose to do what she wants to with it.” Really? If the baby in a woman’s womb is not a distinct and separate life in and of itself, then why is it that half of all babies aborted are of a different sex than the woman? And even those babies that are of the same gender, why is it that so many of them do not even have the same blood types as their moms? And then there’s the argument that…
“Many poor women cannot afford another child.” Maybe that is true, but does that also mean that when it gets too expensive to raise kids that we have the right to kill them? And maybe there would be those that would say, “But the unborn aren’t human like a toddler is.” Then if it isn’t life, then, “What is the unborn?” Of course others use the “We must protect the mother argument.” They say…
“If abortion is restricted, women will die from back-alley abortions.” This argument would make sense if the unborn were not human. Why subject women to a dangerous medical procedure? But if a human child is involved, why should the law be faulted for making it more risky for someone to kill another innocent human being? Should we legalize bank robbery so that it will be safer for felons? The issue isn’t safety, but rather, “What is the unborn?” And then there is the…
“Women should not be forced to have an unwanted child argument.” What about the homeless of our society? They are largely unwanted; do you think that this should give society the right to indiscriminately kill them? The issue isn’t unwantedness; it is “What is the unborn?” And of course, this last one is the real clincher.
“You shouldn’t force your morality on women.” But isn’t the mother who willfully chooses to abort, forcing her morality on her unborn child?
You see in each case, the abortionist would tell me that I am assuming that the unborn is as human as any other child…AND THEY ARE RIGHT! But at the same token, they are assuming that the unborn is “NOT” like any other child. And if it is not a child then you tell me, “What is the unborn?”
Look, I get it. I know that we live in a very messed up, fallen world. I realize that 85% of all abortions will be performed this year upon unmarried women. Just putting the emphasis back on the Biblical definition of marriage would, in and of itself, solve more that 80% of the abortion problem.
But I also realize that God doesn’t stop loving anybody just because we have committed a sin—for if that were true, we would all be lost. But oh, how I thank God for forgiveness, and how I thank God for His Grace!
Only God gives life and if God breathed a life into existence; then that life must have a destiny. And just as someone gave “YOU” your destiny, If you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, I hope that you will give that unborn a chance to have “THEIR” destiny too.
No, I don’t have all the answers. I know that there are many young women out there who were forced to have an abortion against their wills. And even if you are one of those women who willfully chose to have an abortion, God is still in the forgiveness business and He has never stopped loving matter what.
But as for me, I CANNOT BE SILENT on this subject any longer. I refuse to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to one of the greatest atrocities of America—her holocaust on the unborn. From henceforth, may God help me “TO DO ALL I IS WITHIN MY POWER TO DO” to defend and preserve the lives of the Unborn.
God please forgive “ME” for not doing more to save the lives of all those beloved babies that have already been aborted in this nation.
Forgive us Christians for being so complacent in a matter that is so relevant and all important to Your heart.
And God, please forgive America for failing to realize that we are destroying the greatest asset that any nation has ever been blessed with—THE PRECIOUS LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN!
From The Pastor’s Desk,
Pastor Ken Jones
 Mrs. JoAnn and Pastor Ken Jones

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