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We at Highest Praise Ministry believe your tithes belong to your local church. 
We also believe in
Matthew 28:19–“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. If you have been
blessed by Pastor Ken Jones and Highest Praise Ministry and want to share in our vision to touch the nations, one life at a time, with the gospel of grace, we invite you to partner with us. Your giving will help us broadcast the life-changing gospel of grace through our radio ministry;
television program on
whightv and our other missions to include: 
Wilson Pregnancy Center; Gideon’s Bibles; Orphanage in NC as well as
Israel; Missionaries abroad and Exodus II which helps return Jews to Israel.
If you feel led by God to invest in this ministry you may donate at this website or mail your donation of any amount to:
Highest Praise Ministry
P.O. Box 524
Louisburg, NC  27549
Also, if you have a prayer request we would love to partner with you in prayer.  You may enter your prayer request online or mail to the same address as well.  We as a church will corporately join you in prayer.
Would you like Pastor Jones to come and speak at a revival, special event, or worship service in your area? If so, please contact him via this website or call at 919-496-7278 and leave a message with return number and name of contact person.

Tidbits of Truth: Why “Immanuel?”

I love Christmastime; for it seems that during this holiday season that the presence of God is just a little bit nearer to mankind than perhaps at any other time.
Unlike so many in our world today, I refuse to allow Christmas (and all that is connected to the celebration of Christmas) to get me all stressed out. Instead, I choose to savor every second of this momentous occasion; loving to take the time to ponder all the wonders that are so connected to the birthday of our King. 
After all, Christmas is supposed to be the “Birthday Celebration of a Savior” and “NOT” the over commercialized rat race that greedy profiteers have tried to turn it into simply so they can increase their bottom line. 
If Jesus had not come as that “Baby in the Manger” then He would have never been able to “Die on the Cross” (and especially for my sins). Nor would have He have been able to give me the promise of everlasting life because I am also aware of the fact that, “On the 3rd Day He Also Arose From the Grave, Alive Forevermore!”
On one of my moments of pondering over the details of Christmas caused me to ask the question, “Why Immanuel?” Why was it that the angel told Joseph (in his dream that eventful night) that he was to call this child (who was both God and man that Mary carried in her virgin womb) Immanuel?
And after some “real diligent searching” I finally came to understand why. You see, “Immanuel” literally means “God is with us” which I’m sure that most of you already knew, but have you ever stopped to think exactly what does that mean? 
For God isn’t just a force or energy in our universe, nor is He some distant judge trying to get us to shape up or ship out. Instead, because of this “Promised Immanuel” God communicated to us that, He is a Personal Being who cares for us, listens to us, and loves us. 
He wants us to know that as long as we are in this world “WE WILL NEVER BE ALONE!” No matter what we have to go through, no matter how isolated we may sometimes feel, and no matter what may ever come our way, Christ will always be Immanuel—“HE will be with us!” 
Sadly, so many people find themselves locked in prisons (many of their own building) as they try to isolate themselves away from the rest of the world. Whether it is allowing oneself to become consumed in our careers, or whether we are attempting to bury ourselves in all the high tech gadgets of our electronic age…or whether we are one of those who have tried to lose ourselves in our own personal pursuits, diversions, and/or obsessions, “Who is it that we are really running away from?” 
Could it just be that, in the end, we really are trying to isolate ourselves from God? Fearful of getting close to Him because it just might mean we might have to do some real changing...only most of us do not like change!
But the Christmas message is this: God doesn’t ever want us be alone. God doesn’t want us to be separated from Him, or from healthy relationships with others. God wants us to be close…like family! That is why Jesus’ last words to his disciples were, “And lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world!" (Matthew 28:20)
Like bookends to His own life, Christ was born “Immanuel”- God With Us…and when He left this world, He left with that same promise, He would always be “With Us”-our Immanuel. That is why I take the time this Christmas Season to again remind one and all afresh and anew that, “Jesus is ‘OUR’ Immanuel!” 
Just a Thought,
Pastor Ken Jones 
 Mrs. JoAnn and Pastor Ken Jones

Who We Are....We are committed to equipping our church and our community with the tools needed to take back America for Jesus!

We are a Spirit filled body with contemporary worship services, intense and relevant teachings and a culturally diverse membership.

Our purpose is to nurture, challenge, and encourage all believers to learn how to live holy, confident, and joy-filled Christian lives. We train and equip God's children through the teaching and preaching of the Gospel, to empower them through an intimate encounter with God's Holy Spirit. We inspire them by creating an atmosphere conducive to praise and worship, and motivate in their spirits a consuming passion for the Harvest. 

We believe that every soul in this world has worth and value, and as such they are profitable to God's Kingdom building business. We want to instill in God's children a desire to boldly stand against the things that God's Word calls sin and evil,while at the same time creating in them an appetite to say and do those things that God calls righteous, pure and holy. 

We challenge all believers to live in the utmost confidence that all God's promises are true, and that "through God" all things are possible to those who truly believe and live their lives in accordance to God's Word.



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